... Probably the best Wine in the World.”

Filip Kesteloot

The famous Belgian beer expert Filip Kesteloot said this: “Terre di Trente? Probably the best wine in the world.”

Now, let’s get it right. Filip Kesteloot is no beer expert nor is he famous. He is Trente’s husband and of course he thinks his wife’s wine is probably the best in the world. Does he have a choice? What does he know? His grandfather was a famous Belgian beer brewer who retired at the age of 35, only to spend most of his time drinking it. He passed the tradition on to the rest of the family (the drinking part, not the brewing). Filip follows in the family tradition.

Being brought up in Belgium and to have a Danish company claiming to make the “best beer in the world” just pisses him off, especially when everybody else knows it is the Belgiums who make the best beer. No discussion about that. Filip sees no reason why he couldn't claim Terre di Trente as “probably the best wine in the world”. Point is, the more he drinks it, the more he is convinced that there is some truth in his statement. Anyway, the only way to find out: order up, try it and see for yourself!


Probably the best wine in the world...